Exterior, day, just before dusk. A cloudy sky, with hints of pink; in the background, the sound of the sea.

An 800-year-old Greek olive tree observes the scene along with a prickly pear tree in full bloom and a fresh pergola, also of a venerable age. This is where every summer night comes to life for the Moretti Cuseri family.

On the night in question, Dr Antonio, his sons Monica, Andrea, Alberto and Amedeo, and his grandchildren, sit around the table, representing three generations. The first two generations warmly smile at the prattle of the children, intent on planning their evening of pizza with friends, a beach party and even a disco.

Italian Joyful
Italian Joyful Wine



It is then that Antonio realizes something: if it is really true that grandparents always learn something from their grandchildren, a creative spark went off just hearing these young adults talk enthusiastically about their plans.

“Why not make a wine for them, one that might reflect them?” And as they leave, Antonio and his children already had the idea planned out: it must be an easy-to-drink, versatile, cheerful wine that is simple, but not predictable, able to speak to its audience even through the bottle.


And what about its name? It has to be an effective concept, a tribute to enthusiasm, to the abundance and joy of youth. So even the label, which must speak to young people with the same effectiveness as their symbols, like emojis, and that, actually through emojis, bring joy.




The die is cast: Joyful – a line of playful, fresh, crafty wines has come to life, with the philosophy of the territory, to which the Moretti Cuseri family has always been enormously faithful.

Italian Joyful Sparkling Wine